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The history of America as a land of hope was founded on high principles. In presenting the great triumphs and achievements of our nation’s past, Patriotic ID was founded offering a broad and necessary kind of essential service to protect your unique identity as a patriot.

Tailor-made features

If you’re looking for a firm layer of security to make you feel safer, our ID protection service is definitely worth the investment. In today’s unsavory environment, now is not the time for an inferior service.


Email Breach Search

You can run your email address against known website breaches, and alert you to potentially compromised information.


Identity Theft Insurance

Up to $1 Million in covered expenses for identity theft victims.


Dark Web Monitoring

Eagle Eye continuously monitors thousands of websites and spots compromised data before it can be stolen.


SSN Trace

Social Security Number Trace continuously searches credit header data, court proceedings, bankruptcies, and liens for your SSN.

Protection with Comprehensive Monitoring

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We offer a range of cutting-edge tools to help watch over every aspect of your personal data.

Scan and Notify

Tell us the information you want us to protect and we will start a preliminary scan, no waiting!

Protect and Alert

Through continuous monitoring, you will be alerted to any potentially compromised data.


Rest easy –– Our expert Identity Restoration team is here to support you 24/7/365.

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Don't become a statistic

In 2020, there were nearly 1.4 million reports of identity theft, received through the FTC’s website, about twice as many as in 2019; that’s 2.7 every minute of every day.